Being Love: 26 Keys to Experiencing Unconditional Love


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        Being Love Chapters:
1.     Feel Abundant
2.     Appreciate
3.     Attract
4.     Feel Balanced
5.     Beautify
6.     Celebrate
7.     Communicate
8.     Complete
9.     Be Courageous
10.   Feel Empowered
11.   Forgive
12.   Receive Guidance
13.   Heal
14.   Listen
15.   Persevere
16.   Be Present
17.   Feel Protected
18.   Purify
19.   Respect
20.   Feel Restored
21.   Share
22.   Surrender
23.   Trust
24.   Understand
25.   Unify
26.   Be Willing


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Excerpts from Being Love:

Strategies to “get love” are widely available, and yet our yearnings may still feel unmet. We may discover that the love we seek starts and deepens with the Presence, the godliness, within us. The need is often to expand one’s capacity to perceive and express love rather than to change one’s circumstance or partner. The heart of divine Love is as close to us as our own vibrating energy, as real and practical as our daily motives and life choices.
…we attract what we are…as barriers to love have been progressively removed.
…love is our design, our core, and our essential nature. Yet for love to shine forth, false belief systems, distorted perceptions, and ego-based ways of being that obstruct love have to be let go.
You’re here as a vehicle for Divinity to show forth Its love through your heart.
An abundant life comes from loving abundantly, and there are always rich opportunities to love.
To expand relationships with other people, look only for the divine in them and leave their imperfections for Divinity to work out with them.
Perhaps life is a profound workshop for learning humility as we expand our capacity to love and accept ourselves and others.
If all you need is within you, then there’s nothing to get, nothing to seek outside of the Divinity within you.


What Being Love readers are saying:

"I have over 50 books in my self-help library, and Being Love is now my favorite one. It's filled with helpful things whenever I flip open a page." (Sandra P. - Dana Point, CA)

"Are you ready to expand and heal your relationships with self and the Universe? Being Love will open your heart to Infinite Love. The chapter on "Healing" will change your life forever!  (Reverends Geofrey and Madi Layng)"

"Being Love is an incredible book that uses simple yet perfect life examples and analogies to help deepen our understanding of the true meaning and concept of living, giving and "being love". (Amazon Review by Lee)"

"I like the fact that he brings in spritual depth to amplify good working keys needed to build and foster love. Who would have ever thought, for example, that being courageous, had anything to do with a loving relationship. (Amazon Review by Denny B)"

"The author's personal stories - from the viewpoint of someone who has been through a lot and has learned the keys to a healthy life and loving relationships - makes me feel like I am hearing from a real person and not from someone who simply has lofty words and ideals. I have read a lot of self-help books, and Being Love definitely offers me something different. It feels like it comes from an inspired place. (Amazon Review by listerner123)"

"Last night I was feeling out of balance and opened Being Love at random to exactly what I needed to hear and experience. Some books comfort, some books go in with daggers your book walks in with confidence, love and truth to break apart the lies that hold us bound. Thank you. (Laura Lynne)"

"Being Love is a compassionate guide to finding what it means to be more loving in our relationships. Especially the relationship with ourselves!!! Whether it is in seeking a soul mate or just improving the relationship you are in, this book is a great addition to your library. This book is a must read for anyone looking to expand in their relationships and become more whole. (Amazon Review by nasonmichelle)"

"This book "Being Love" has been a true source of inspiration to lift me up and to help me be the best version of myself. (Amazon Review by LightHealer)"

From the Back Cover of Being Love

Mark_1.jpgWhat’s the number one reason you don’t feel loved or able to give love unconditionally? What if you were given simple tools to overcome this? At times, most of us have felt dissatisfied in relationships due to the core fear of not feeling good enough. In Being Love, author and Life Coach Mark Petroff reveals keys to experiencing real and lasting love—love that overcomes fear, ego patterns, and changing life circumstances. As a result of searching, praying, studying, and coaching all kinds of relationships over many years, he discovered successful and universal principles to feel and radiate love.

During his coaching sessions and workshops, and through his own relationships, it became clear that we attract what we are. When we connect with the Divinity within us and shift perceptions and behaviors that seem to limit love, we realize that love isn’t something we find; Love is what we become and share.

This book asks powerful questions, gives original ideas to empower your choices, and includes practical exercises that enable you to access inner wisdom and make positive changes. Such ideas, questions, and answers have the potential to free and enhance your relationship with yourself, others, and the higher Power you deem sacred.

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