My Clients & Where They Have Worked

American General, Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin, Johnson & Johnson, The Trump Organization, Brown & Brown, Tesco, SAP, National Resource Management, Keller Williams, Electronic Data Systems, Florida Hospital, Suntrust Bank, National Life Insurance, New York Life Insurance, Presley Company, Royal LePage, Linear Technology Corp, Xango, Prime Focus, Net Jets, Usana, Pre Paid Legal Services, EcoWerks, DailyFinance, Capstone Partners, Prudential Real Estate, Northwestern Mutual, Martin Scorcese's Films, Shadwell Estate Company Ltd, Les Miserable USA Tour, Ameriprise Financial, Gleason Financial, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co, CRC Technologies, Atlantic Investments, Roma Food, Walmart, KPLR 11 St. Louis, Kaiser Permanente, Silpada, St. Farm, Quality Environmental Inc., the U.S. Government & Military, franchises, artistic & performing ventures, MLM's, independent stock market and futures trading firms, and many other businesses and homes on four continents.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much for such a powerful session. You helped to provide clarity and focus. The heart presence practice is the most potent and empowering practice I've come across so far. The result is immediate…I'm attaching meaning to each facet of my daily work. It has already made such a big difference. I'm enjoying the ride. Mostly thanks for living with such integrity." B.B., Florida

"The day my big hairy lawsuit/bankruptcy was resolved you told me to take time to celebrate - remember -commemorate - anchor the celebration of victory, not to just move on and gloss over. I'll always remember that day - what you said - where I was - and I teach that lesson to my kids and myself all the time. Thanks for imprinting such a wonderful thing on my life. Really appreciate you." – C. M., NY

"Since working with Mark Petroff I have seen amazing things become real in my life…the things I thought were obstacles became the greatest teachings. Mark has given me the greatest view of myself. He has taken years off of my learning curve and gotten me ready for some big events. I feel I can better understand and truly appreciate other people’s world, and that is where the real fulfillment comes from. I know how to get myself to complete projects and enjoy it, finally! Thank you so much for months of progress. I am so happy! at a core level, I feel in control of myself for the first time ever. You opened doors for me, and gave me new distinctions which I use daily to improve my life and people around me. Thanks so much Mark!!" - T. S., Nebraska

"I have so much to share with you! Sold my home, married an incredible woman, bought foreclosure home, sold some jobs etc. You have been such an awesome influence in my life. Life is so good my brother. Many thanks Mark Petroff." - D.E., Florida

"Mark Petroff, thank you as always for your soft approach and valuable questions/insights." - C.W., Ireland

"It’s difficult to put into words how incredible my coaching experience with Mark Petroff has been this past year. Mark delivered 100% and then a ton more. I achieved what I wanted most and what was capable of achieving; I have the tools to continue living the rest of my life achieving anything and everything I desire, while living in a state of peace and happiness. So thank you, thank you…Mark is amazing at what he does. Truly a gift from God." - K.C., New Jersey

"I truly appreciate the vast experience and knowledge that Mark Petroff brings to every life coaching session. Mark's intuitive nature helps him tailor his guidance to each individual person. Personally, his skills and guidance have helped me to work through fears, insecurities, and health issues. His practical tips made daily living much easier during a very difficult time in my life and I am so grateful for his assistance." - C.B., Florida

"I had been looking into finding a Life Coach for a month or two and then I went to a spirituality seminar in Vegas and I sort of just bumped into Mark Petroff. Six months later I'm very happy that our paths have crossed. I truly feel like Mark cares for my best good. He is not judgmental and he holds me accountable to do necessary work for myself. He's caring yet firm when I need him to be, and I believe Mark is an integral guide in helping me find my way." - M.V., California

"Mark Petroff was recommended to me by a good friend. Mark 'met' me where I was in my life, helped me inch along and then leap into my life issues, and encouraged me to go where I wanted to go. Through his funny stories, no nonsense attitude, and thought provoking 'homework' after our sessions, I saw my attitude towards myself transform and my personal relationships strengthen. My work with Mark follows me to this day and has carried over into even establishing techniques with my children. If I ever feel the need to call again, I wouldn't think twice! Thanks Mark!" - J.C., Florida

"When I started Life Coaching with Mark Petroff, I was unsure how to move forward, with the mixture of thoughts, feelings and beliefs I had. He helped me to put into practice the way I really want to live. Thanks." - K.C., North Dakota

"I knew I wanted to take my business in a new direction, but didn’t know how. Mark Petroff awakened me to how I was limiting myself with beliefs which didn’t support where I wanted to go. After letting these go, I quickly attracted high paying clients and new forms of business which have really energized me. It seems so easy from this new way of looking at things."- C.M., Florida

"Mark Petroff is one of the most intelligent, sensitive and clear thinking individuals I have ever met. His integrity is impeccable. Mark is intuitive, honest, and from the heart. Mark was our go-to person during one of the most difficult times in our marriage financially. He was right on the money, so to speak, in more ways than one. Mark's feedback and suggestions were very intuitive and gave us hope when we were hanging by a thread. It been a couple of years now since we used Mark's services, and we still cherish the wisdom and advice." - T.J., Missouri

"I came to Life Coach Mark Petroff at a pretty low point in my career: real estate business having collapsed, my investments having dwindled in value, my home life and personal life in relative shambles…Mark coached me out of my depression and my lifelessness over the 9 month duration of our relationship. His positive reinforcement, ability to offer me a springboard of thoughts, reflecting and commenting upon my issues and problems along with opportunities and ideas…his springboard is what gave me the personal conviction to commit myself to new ideas and not to allow myself to accept less than I thought I could achieve. His life coach service comes along with a sympathetic and understanding voice of counsel and reason and support; his stories and examples such as "the blue vase" gave not only encouragement but add a little humor to a situation that on most days was not humorous. I would tell anyone who asked me that I was very grateful to have his support." – E.S., Orlando, FL

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