Coaching Services

Coaching is valid for anyone who wants to invest in themselves and take the quality of their life to the next level. Areas we can focus on include your: Physical Body (Health, Fitness & Energy), Emotions & Meaning, Relationships, Time Management, Business & Sales, Life Purpose, Finances & Prosperity, Spiritual Pathway & Contribution, and Trading Stock-Options-& Futures Markets. Corporate Coaching, Group Coaching, and Past Burden & Ancestral DNA Clearing Treatment are also available.

As your Coach I will support you in getting clear about where you are, what you want your life to look and feel like, and how to get there. Your sessions will be a sacred, inspired place, based on integrity and confidentiality, which allow you to hear yourself in new ways and discover the wisdom within your heart. Through intuitive listening and appreciative inquiry I will co-create your life with you, and take you to an expanded place—where you can step into your desired future.

Each session will be uniquely based on your current agenda. One time you may discover your internal dialogue and feelings, uncover limiting beliefs, or honestly & directly face challenges. Another session may be focused on moving into action, using strategies, or celebrating successes. Occasionally you may have exercises along the lines of internal reflection or breakthrough experiences. Discovery, creativity, spontaneity, and accountability are all part of the process. Lastly change happens from a shift in perception and/or strategy. I'll support you in both. Besides executive coaching and value-based coaching (wherein we agree upon the value of what you're going for and the proportional value of coaching ahead of time), here are the services I currently offer (note: because of the power of momentum, 90-days is the minimum period that I'm willing to Coach you as a client).

Results-based Coaching: If you prefer to determine a desired result, and what it's worth to you to realize it, we can agree on a fee for you to experience the result, rather than having a per session or group of sessions rate (such as those below). Value with this approach is not measured in time, but in results. Candidates for this approach are required to go through a screening process to determine their clarity and commitment level. 

Introductory Coaching Session $50

  • One 40-minute obligation-free coaching session.
Or to pay by check call: (407) 429-5288

Growth Coaching: Bi-Monthly $250

  • Two coaching sessions per month (up to 55 minutes each).

Or to pay by check call: (407) 429-5288 

Elite Coaching: Tri-monthly $375

  • Three coaching sessions per month (up to 55 minutes each).

Or to pay by check call: (407) 429-5288

Ultimate Coaching: Coaching plus Email Coaching $500

  • Four coaching sessions per month (up to 55 minutes each).

Or to pay by check call: (407) 429-5288

Virtually Unlimited Coaching: A $25,000 one-year package for clients who have a powerful vision with must-have reasons. Coaching includes phone, email, and live one-on-one access with me. Candidates for this package must apply and meet certain requirements. Ask yourself what your dream, your vision, is worth to you. Then call or email me for more information.

Coaching Mentor Program: This one-on-one program is for individuals looking to launch or accelerate a current Coaching practice, part-time or full-time. You will receive Virtually Unlimited Coaching, and the best-of wisdom, practices, and resources I have gathered & experienced over 3 decades in personal development work, and more than 20 years as a professional Coach. Candidates for this program must apply and meet certain requirements. Call or email me today for more information.

Past Burden & Ancestral Lineage Clearing: See my Home page for a detailed explanation of this unique service. There is no prepayment required for this unique service.

Group Coaching: If you have 3 or more friends or family that want to receive coaching as a group, then all of your will receive a highly discounted rate, as well as benefits of experiencing others being coached as well as having your individual needs met during sessions.

Corporate Coaching: Once your needs and desires (as well as the number of employees that will be coached) are clarified, a service agreement will be submitted for your company's approval.

Training for Financial Market Traders: See my Homepage for a PDF that details training I provide for traders. This is one-on-one in person immersion training which gives the best of what I've learned after more than 32 years as an active trader & more than 10 years as a Coach for traders. For a limited time & limited number of candidates, I'm also including my proprietary charting and algorithmic trading principles, which are not listed on the PDF, and which require signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The fee for this service is $30,000, and is meant only for serious traders. In 2017, I personally experienced triple digit (i.e.: >100%) gains in the stock market, and have in other years as well.

How Your Sessions Will Work

You will call me at the time you have scheduled to discuss your agenda—the primary outcome you would like to take away from your session. We may also talk about where you are, how you would like to be, and what you want to do. Together we will face your challenges, seek to reveal your inner wisdom, and design action steps to fulfill your goals and dreams. After your session I will be available for brief email support (see individual services above for more information), and hold the space for you to realize what you have intended. Some of the most amazing things can happen between sessions!

Most programs are based on a 90-day minimum coaching relationship.

Why do I ask for this? Simply, I have found that effective and lasting results tend to happen over this minimum period. While incredible revelations and accomplishments can happen in a single moment or session, momentum tends to build over weeks and months—while a client becomes more comfortable in working with me, discovers new ways of thinking, integrates assignments & new habits, implements strategies, and fulfills goals. Because of positive results, some clients choose to continue being coached for months or years after this minimum period, since each stage of life presents new challenges and opportunities for growth and accomplishment. Intermittent coaching can also be agreed upon after this 90-day period, if you prefer.

Experience the power & satisfaction of the Process: Request to schedule an obligation-free Introductory Session now.

Mark Petroff, C.C.
(407) 429-5288